Bürgenstock Resort
Obbürgen, Switzerland

3:42 P.M. CEST
     PRESIDENT ZELENSKYY:  Thank you so much.  Happy to see you —
     PRESIDENT ZELENSKYY:  — Madam Vice President, and to see your team.  Thank you so much. 
     First, I would like to thank the United States and the President Biden, his team for our security agreement — thank you so much — between Ukraine and America.  We signed it in Italy.  And today we can already say that our teams have started to implement it. 
     And these are truly historic steps that strengthen the security of Ukraine and, therefore, of the whole Europe and, therefore, of America.  
     And I also want to thank the U.S. Congress — both parties, both chambers — for passing a package.  That is really very important for us, our people.  And Putin is trying to expand the war and make it more bloody.  But together, with America and all our partners, we protect the lives of our people and open up new opportunities for diplomacy. 
     Actually, we are here today for the sake of diplomacy.  And Ukraine has always believed in the power of diplomacy.  War is not our choice; it’s Putin’s choice.  At the peace summit today, we will do everything we can to start moving towards real peace through di- — diplomacy.  And I am grateful to America for its support. 
     I thank you, Madam Vice President, for your participation in the summit.  And it is indeed vital that — that the United States is helping to bring peace closer.  
     Happy to see you.  Thank you very much. 
     VICE PRESIDENT HARRIS:  Thank you.  Thank you, President Zelenskyy.  It is good to see you again.  I — by my count, I think this is our sixth meeting together in person.  And —  
     PRESIDENT ZELENSKYY:  Not the last.
     VICE PRESIDENT HARRIS:  And — for sure not the last and hopefully in better times. 
     It is good to see you again.  And President Biden was very happy with the time that you spent together over the last couple of weeks and in — most recently in Italy.  
     You and I last met in person four months ago at the Munich Security Conference.  Since then, Russia has continued its brutal aggression against the people of Ukraine, including opening a new front outside of Kharkiv and relentlessly attacking Ukraine’s energy system.  Yet the people of Ukraine, so admirably, stand firm.
     President Biden and my support for the people of Ukraine is unwavering.  We support Ukraine not out of charity but because the people of Ukraine and their future is in our strategic interests.  It is in our interest to uphold international rules and norms, such as sovereignty and territorial integrity and the international system we helped create following World War Two, which bolsters America’s security and prosperity.  
     It is in the interest of the United States to defend democratic values and stand up to dictators.  It is in our interest to stand with our friends, such as Ukraine. 
     As a demonstration of that support, President Joe Biden recently signed into law, as you mentioned, $60 billion in funding to support Ukraine.  Since then, we have rapidly delivered weapons to Ukraine, and our support is having a significant impact on the battlefield. 
     And just this week, you and President Biden, as you mentioned, signed a bilateral security agreement, a demonstration of our long-term commitment to Ukraine’s defense. 
     President Zelenskyy, your military remains a resilient and effective fighting force, so admirably — one that has and will continue to impress the world.  And this war remains an utter failure for Putin. 
     I am here in Switzerland to stand with Ukraine and the leaders from around the world in support of a just and lasting peace.  As we look forward to that peace and work toward that, the United States is committed to helping Ukraine rebuild. 
     To that end, today I am pleased to announce that the United States will provide more than one and a half billion dollars to address Ukraine’s humanitarian and energy needs and to help relieve the suffering of the people of Ukraine. 
     This number includes $824 million for critical ener- — energy needs, including repairing energy infrastructure; $379 million in humanitarian assistance, including food, water, shelter, and health services; and $300 million for civilian security assistance, including support for law enforcement. 
     President Zelenskyy, this support is a demonstration of the fact — the indisputable fact the United States stands with the people of Ukraine.  And I look forward to our discussion today.
     Thank you.
                               END                 3:48 P.M. CEST

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