On Thursday, January 10, 2019, the President signed into law:

H.R. 4689, which authorizes early repayment of obligations to the Bureau of Reclamation within the Northport Irrigation District in the State of Nebraska;

H.R. 5636, the “Flatside Wilderness Enhancement Act,” which designates additions to the Flatside Wilderness in the Ouachita National Forest;

H.R. 6602, which reauthorizes the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route through 2025;

S. 3456, which designates a national wildlife refuge in Florida as the “Nathaniel P. Reed Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge”; and

S. 3661, the “75th Anniversary of World War II Commemoration Act,” which directs the Secretary of Defense to conduct a program to commemorate the 75th anniversary of World War II.