MAKING CARS SAFER AND MORE AFFORDABLE: The Trump Administration is taking action to make America’s highways safer and our cars more affordable. 

  • The Trump Administration is putting in place the One National Program Rule, which is the first part of the Safer, Affordable, Fuel-Efficient (SAFE) Vehicles Rule.
    • The second part of the SAFE Vehicles Rule will replace the Obama-era Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations, which hurt consumers and auto producers.
  • The One National Program Rule establishes a national standard on fuel economy, providing much-needed needed certainty for consumers and industry.
    • This action will revoke the waiver that has allowed California to put in place more burdensome standards.
  • The SAFE Vehicles Rule, once fully implemented, will help more Americans replace their old cars with newer, safer, and more fuel-efficient vehicles.
  • The SAFE Vehicles Rule will help restore American manufacturing and support economic growth by making it easier for automakers to build and sell cars at competitive prices.

ROLLING BACK OVERREGULATION: President Trump is reversing unrealistic and burdensome regulations that cost Americans and put their safety at risk.

  • The excessive Obama-era CAFE standards effectively impose a tax on every American who wants to buy a new car and disproportionately hurt low-income Americans.
  • The burdensome CAFE standards would have led to fewer cars being sold, ultimately causing manufacturing layoffs and lost jobs for American workers.
  • President Trump’s SAFE Vehicles Rule prevents California from forcing the auto industry to produce expensive cars that Americans do not want.
    • California does not have the authority to usurp Federal law by dictating fuel economy standards for the entire Nation.

PROMOTING GROWTH AND PROSPERITY: The SAFE Vehicles Rule builds on President Trump’s historic deregulation, which is unleashing economic growth and increasing prosperity.

  • The SAFE Vehicles Rule will be one of the most significant deregulatory actions of the Trump Administration.
  • President Trump has followed through on his commitment to cutting burdensome and unnecessary regulations that stifle economic growth.
    • The Administration has taken 14 deregulatory actions for every new significant regulatory action.
  • These deregulatory actions are unleashing American economic growth by putting more money in Americans’ pockets, encouraging business expansion, and creating jobs.