THE PATH TO VICTORY: President Donald J. Trump is releasing a new National Strategy for Counterterrorism that will protect American citizens and interests at home and abroad.

  • Today, President Trump is releasing his National Strategy for Counterterrorism, the United States’ first robust and fully-articulated strategy on counterterrorism since 2011.
  • The Administration is outlining a new approach to counter and prevent the evolving terrorist threat, making it clear that we will take all steps necessary to keep our country safe.
  • President Trump’s National Strategy for Counterterrorism focuses on:
    • Pursuing terrorists to their source;
    • Isolating terrorists from their sources of support;
    • Modernizing and integrating the United States’ counterterrorism tools;
    • Protecting American infrastructure and enhancing resilience;
    • Countering terrorist radicalization and recruitment; and
    • Strengthening the counterterrorism abilities of our international partners.

A NEW APPROACH: The new strategy builds on lessons learned from past counterterrorism efforts and offers a new path toward strengthening the security of Americans.

  • The new strategy focuses the United States on countering all terrorists with the intent and ability to harm our country.
  • The strategy emphasizes the use of all of America’s tools to prevent and counter terrorism, strengthening military approaches while delivering a new emphasis on non-military capabilities.
    • Many United States Government agencies have important roles to play, including our law enforcement, diplomatic, and treasury officials.
  • The strategy places America first, emphasizing strong borders, strengthening security at points of entry, protecting critical infrastructure, and facilitating preparedness.
  • However, America First does not mean America alone.  The new strategy commits us to expand our partnerships at home and abroad to encourage partners’ assistance in counterterrorism activities.
    • This includes working with our North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Allies and partners.

DEFEATING TERROR: Thanks to President Trump’s leadership, the United States has accelerated efforts to defeat terrorists and protect the United States from global threats.

  • Under President Trump, the United States and global partners have decimated ISIS and pushed the group to the brink of extinction in Iraq and Syria.
    • Nearly all of the territory previously held by ISIS has been recaptured.
    • More than 7.5 million people have been freed from the group’s oppressive rule.
  • At President Trump’s urging, NATO members agreed to strengthen the alliance’s counterterrorism actions and capabilities.
  • In December 2017, President Trump issued a new National Security Strategy that focused, in part, on combatting terrorism.

Read the National Strategy for Counterterrorism here.