For decades, American presidents have promised to invest in infrastructure but did not deliver. President Biden brought together Democrats, Independents and Republicans to get it done. While the Biden-Harris Administration has hit the ground running to implement the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and delivered impressive early results, accelerating the pace by which the Federal, state and local governments and the private sector deliver infrastructure projects is critical to fully maximizing the benefits of the Law. 

The Administration is engaged in a whole-of-government effort – in partnership with business, labor, states, local, territorial, and civic leaders – to implement these laws effectively and deliver for the American people. While building infrastructure can be complex and challenging, American ingenuity and government creativity can be used to build our infrastructure to a higher standard of “On Time, On Task, and On Budget.”  Now, the Administration and outside organizations are announcing new efforts and an Action Plan to accelerate the rebuilding of our infrastructure and maximize this once-in-a-generation opportunity to build in America.

Download the Biden-Harris Action Plan to Accelerate Infrastructure.

Download the Fact Sheet on federal government and outside commitments.

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