Champions of Change
Kaydn Ence is a high school junior from Saint George, Utah. He is a very involved and motivated 4-H teen leader, driven to create positive change in his community. When a company decided not to expand its operations in his hometown, Kaydn learned the decision was largely due to the lack of technological training in the community. Kaydn went to work establishing 4-H robotics clubs across his county and worked with his local 4-H office, school system, and university to promote the programs. In 2012, he raised over $2,000 through grants, fundraising, and local sponsorships in order to buy LEGO NXT robotics kits. In addition, Kaydn built the necessary regulation robotics tables using woodworking skills he learned in 4-H. Just a year after founding the program, Kaydn has organized nine robotics clubs with over 100 total members to better prepare youth for future careers in computer programming, engineering, and technology.