Champions of Change

Dr. David Gipp

President, United Tribes Technical College

Dr. David M. Gipp has been president since May 2, 1977.  President Gipp is an enrolled citizen of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe; his Indian name is Lone Star or Wicahpi Isnala.  He worked with and served on the board of the United Tribes of North Dakota during its founding days in 1969-1972.  Since, his professional work has been principally in the development of tribal colleges.  He was instrumental in developing the first national legislation (enabled in 1978) which assists “tribally controlled community colleges and universities” and has extensive background in higher education, career & technical education.  The College he oversees is an intertribal model which was founded by the five tribes located in part or all of North Dakota and their leaders in the late 1960’s.  It serves, on average, over 1,100 adults and 500 children and is one of the most unique educational models in the country, serving many diverse tribes.  United Tribes has three early childhood centers and a K-8 elementary school (Theodore Jamerson Elementary School) on its campus serving the children of the adult students.

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