Champions of Change

Dr. Mary Graham

Champion of Change Community College Mary Graham

President, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Dr. Mary S. Graham, the 12th President of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, is the first woman to lead the 100-year old institution that was recently selected as one of ten finalists for the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence.  As a MGCCC graduate and alumna, she embraces the philosophy of the community college and the rich tradition of academic excellence in education and student success.  She began her career in 1987 on the Jackson County Campus of MGCCC and has held several administrative positions within the college including Director of Admissions/Registrar, Director of Institutional Relations and Vice President of Community Campus.  Dr. Graham also served as the Vice President of the Perkinston Campus, one of the college’s comprehensive campuses, and the George County Center, which offers academic and career programs to the residents of George County, one of the four-counties served by the college. 

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