Champions of Change
Champion of Change
Karen Trilevsky
FullBloom Baking Company

Karen Trilevsky, founder and CEO of FullBloom Baking Company, has promoted social responsibility, sustainability, positive impact and delicious natural baking for more than twenty years. Karen created FullBloom based on the belief that a business can lead the way to better communities, harmony with the environment and a better life for workers. Her delicious naturally made products and celebrated LEED-certified facility have helped partner her with leading grocery chains, schools and well known coffee and juice companies.

With an unwavering commitment to leading and growing FullBloom through her values, Karen is a lifelong champion of the environment and sustainability. A graduate of UCLA’s Entrepreneurship Program and the founder of the Smart Cookie Scholarship Fund, Karen was named one of the “Healthiest Employers” in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been featured in People and Entrepreneur Magazines.

Karen is being recognized as a Champion of Change for his work demonstrating that corporate environmental leadership makes sense, both for business and for American communities.