Champions of Change
Champion of Change
David Stern

For the last 19 years, David has served as Executive Director of Equal Justice Works, the nation’s leading creator of public interest opportunities for law students and lawyers to help those in need. During his tenure, David has been the main motivator for expanding the organization’s scope of services and has developed innovative programs that enable attorneys and law students to provide pro bono legal services to vulnerable populations, including families facing foreclosure, victims of domestic violence, immigrant communities, those struggling to access public services and targets of civil rights violations. Due to David’s driving passion and vision, Equal Justice Works has become the premier organization for public interest- minded law students and attorneys. His dedication and commitment to mobilizing the next generation of public interest lawyers has enabled Equal Justice Works to place more than 1,200 public interest attorneys and 2,500 law students across the country to provide pro bono legal assistance to hundreds of thousands of clients.

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