Champions of Change
Parker Liautaud is a polar adventurer and climate change campaigner from Palo Alto, California. He has undertaken three expeditions to the North Pole and one to the South Pole. His expeditions aim to inspire people across generations to take action on climate change. In November-December 2013, he led the Willis Resilience Expedition, an Antarctic expedition during which he and his team undertook field work for three climate research programs, then trekked over 350 miles to the South Pole without external assistance, setting two world records in the process. The project included a 16-episode live show, dedicated to communicating the impacts and science of climate change, which featured debates and discussions with experts from various fields as well as live video from Antarctica. Through his expeditions, he has partnered with scientific institutions such as the International Atomic Energy Agency and GNS New Zealand to conduct climate research, and has worked closely with the United Nations Foundation and the Yale Climate and Energy Institute on the communication of climate science. Parker is an ambassador for One Young World. He studies Geology & Geophysics at Yale University.