Champions of Change
Webb Elementary School Scholarship, Arlington TX A tireless advocate for higher education in his local community, Jim Fulgham of Arlington, Texas has been a driving force behind the Rotary Scholarship Program at Webb Elementary School. Focused on helping children from disadvantaged families, the program provides a scholarship to every sixth-grader who goes on to finish high school and enroll in college. A retired consultant, Fulgham partnered with local colleges and universities and raised nearly $ 1 million to support the program. So far, 150 students have gone on to college. He also initiated “Read with Rotary,” a literacy program aimed at teaching adults how to read, and a program in which Rotary members mentor at-risk junior high students to keep them in school. Jim Fulgham is being honored as a Champion of Change for his humanitarianism and contributions to public service, aimed at improving people's lives and making a better future around the globe.