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Luis Cabrales

Luis Cabrales

Luis Cabrales is the Deputy Director for the Coalition for Clean Air Campaigns in Los Angeles, California. He has provided significant leadership on efforts to set the lowest toxics emissions limits from consumer products in the world. He is currently working on a study on the economic benefits of investing in GHG emissions reductions technology in the freight and transportation sector. He has played a leadership role in promoting the clean port initiative at LA/Long Beach port that has been a national model for modernizing the port and retrofitting diesel engines in order to reduce emissions and improve health in nearby communities

About Transportation Champions

America has long depended on a robust and reliable transportation network to support our drive towards lasting security and prosperity.

Our highways, railroads, ports, buses and airways allow us to move around our country quickly and efficiently. The freedom of movement created by America's transportation infrastructure facilitates our Nation's economic vitality. Our ability to travel safely enables us to trade with our neighbors and visit our friends and family. It provides Americans from every corner of our country access to the first rate products and services that define our economy, increasing the productivity of our people and our land.

Moving America requires a dedicated workforce that is committed to addressing every aspect of our nation's transportation system. This is why we are recognizing these Champions of Change in the transportation industry. Individuals who embody the concepts of "Innovate, Educate, and Build" across a range of transportation careers. These are individuals who are Winning the Future and can further empower and inspire other members of their respective industries and communities.

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