The Faces of Health Care

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans are now living without fear because they can afford quality health care. Meet a few of these faces of health care, read their stories, and then pass them on so others can see what getting covered – and staying covered – can mean for people and the ones they love.

Meet The Covered Photos

Amy W.
Augusta, GA
Ann C.
Westport, CT
Anthony C.
Yorktown Heights, NY
April W.
West Paducha, KY
Arthur M.
Mishawaka, IN
Astrid M.
Charlotte, NC
Cait I.
Council Bluffs, IA
Darlene W.
Cary, NC
David H.
Elkins Park, PA
Deborah K.
Los Angeles, CA
Derrick B.
San Francisco, CA
Don E.
Fairfax, VA
Don K.
Phoenix, AZ
Donald L.
Palm Coast, FL
Durrain K.
Round Rock, TX
Jackie B.
Denver, CO
Jason T.
Holland, MI
Jeff R.
Riverside, CA
Jenna R.
Sacramento, CA
Karen M.
Burien, WA
Katherine R.
Portland, OR
Kathy M.
Kings Beach, CA
Keith C.
Louisville, KY
Lori S.
Beaumont, TX
Lynnette J.
Hyattsville, MD
Marjorie F.
Glendale, CA
Marla M.
Fort Collins, CO
Mavis C.
Gilbert, WV
Naomi R.
Roberta, GA
Peter M.
Austin, TX
Regina M.
Philadelphia, PA
Ryan P.
Austin, TX
Shannon K.
Great Falls, MT
Susan T.
Quincy, IL
Tricia T.
Tyrona R.
Saint Clair, MO

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