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Memoranda 98-14 (Comprehensive Plans and Associated Funding Requirements for Achieving Year 2000 Computer Compliance)

August 13, 1998



FROM:Jacob J. Lew

SUBJECT:Comprehensive Plans and Associated Funding Requirements for Achieving Year 2000 Computer Compliance

This Memorandum asks Departments and agencies that are subject to year 2000 (Y2K) quarterly reporting requirements (see list at Attachment A) to provide OMB with their comprehensive plans and associated funding requirements for achieving Y2K compliance. Departments and agencies that are not subject to Y2K quarterly reporting should submit the requested information if Y2K conversion costs are projected to exceed those assumed in the FY 1999 Budget. The requested plans are due to OMB no later than Tuesday, September 1st.

These plans will augment the August Quarterly Reports on progress in addressing Y2K compliance and will be used by OMB to assess FY 1999 Y2K funding requirements in light of evolving congressional action on the pending FY 1999 appropriations bills. The plans may also be used in the context of responding to congressional reporting requirements that may emerge as the appropriations process moves forward.

The following guidelines should be followed in developing the Y2K plans:

  • Total Y2K activities and associated funding requirements reported should be consistent with Department-level cost information submitted in the August Quarterly Report. 
  • Activities and associated funding requirements reported should reflect a comprehensive assessment of Y2K needs, including procurement, personnel, contracts, work in support of the President's Year 2000 Conversion Council, and business continuity and contingency planning.
  • All agencies listed at Attachment A must complete Attachments B and C. FY 1999 funding requirements (expressed in terms of budget authority) are to be reported by agency/bureau/account. (These Attachments are available electronically from your OMB representative.) The level of detail provided should be consistent with the detail provided in agency congressional budget justification materials. In addition, agencies will submit an object classification schedule following the guidance included in OMB Circular No. A-11, Section 35.1 - 35.5, measured in budget authority. The totals reported on the object class schedule should tie to those reported on Attachments B and C.
  • In completing Attachment C, agencies should identify, for each budget account, Y2K compliance funding requirements by type of activity (e.g., renovation, business continuity and contingency planning, implementation).

Information that agencies provide in response to this Memorandum will be evaluated by OMB using the following criteria:

  • The funding requirement is directly attributable to Y2K conversion, including computer systems and embedded chips.
  • The funding requirement reflects known, not speculative needs.
  • Estimated costs of activities to ensure systems compliance are limited to the amounts necessary to develop or implement plans to ensure that systems are made compliant.
  • Activities and associated funding requirements reported reflect a comprehensive assessment of Y2K needs, including procurement, personnel, contracts, work in support of the President’s Year 2000 Conversion Council, and business continuity and contingency planning.

Hard copy and electronic responses to this Memorandum should be provided to your OMB representative by c.o.b. on Tuesday, September 1, 1998. Questions concerning this memorandum should be addressed to your OMB representative.


Attachment A

Department of Agriculture 
Department of Commerce 
Department of Defense 
Department of Education 
Department of Energy 
Department of Health and Human Services 
Department of Housing and Urban Development 
Department of the Interior 
Department of Justice 
Department of Labor 
Department of State 
Department of Transportation 
Department of the Treasury 
Department of Veterans Affairs 
Environmental Protection Agency 
National Aeronautics and Space Administration 
Social Security Administration 
Agency for International Development 
Central Intelligence Agency 
Federal Emergency Management Agency 
General Services Administration 
National Science Foundation 
Nuclear Regulatory Commission 
Office of Personnel Management 
Small Business Administration 
Federal Communications Commission 
Federal Housing Finance Board 
National Archives and Records Administration 
National Labor Relations Board 
Office of Administration, Executive Office of the President 
Peace Corps 
Tennessee Valley Authority 
U.S. Postal Service 
U.S. Trade Representative, Executive Office of the President

Attachment B

Y2K Plans/Funding Requirements



Account: Account Type (choose one):

Discretionary: ____ 
Mandatory: ______

FY 1999 Request (BA in millions): 
(Amount assumed in the FY 1999 Budget)

Projected Total FY 1999 Funding Requirement: 
(Department total should tie to August Quarterly Report)

Change (Projected less Request):

Y2K activities assumed to be funded within the FY 1999 Budget request:

[Provide narrative explanation]

Y2K requirements that have arisen since transmittal of the FY 1999 Budget for which additional funding is required:

[Provide narrative explanation]

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