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Federal Register Notice, FAIR Act Inventory

OMB Letterhead


Subject: Public Availability of Fiscal Year 2003 Agency Inventories Under the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-270)
("FAIR Act").

Agency: Office of Management and Budget
Executive Office of the President

Action:Notice of Public Availability of Agency Inventories of Activities That Are Not Inherently Governmental and of Activities That Are Inherently Governmental

Summary:In accordance with the FAIR Act, agency inventories of activities that are not inherently governmental are now available to the public from the agencies listed below for FY 2003. The FAIR Act requires that OMB publish each fiscal year an announcement of public availability of agency inventories of activities that are not inherently governmental. After review and consultation with OMB, agencies are required to make their inventories available to the public. Agencies have also included activities that are inherently governmental. This is the second release of the FAIR Act inventories for FY 2003. Interested parties who disagree with the agency’s initial judgment can challenge the inclusion or the omission of an activity on the list of activities that are not inherently governmental and, if not satisfied with this review, may demand a higher agency review/appeal.

The Office of Federal Procurement Policy has made available a FAIR Act User's Guide through its Internet site: This User's Guide will help interested parties review FY 2003 FAIR Act inventories and gain access to agency inventories through agency web-site addresses.

Signature of Director Joshua Bolten
Joshua Bolten