About the Campaign

Above the Influence (ATI)

The Above the Influence brand remains one of the most widely recognized youth brands in the country and continues to strengthen teen anti-drug beliefs. ATI speaks in a voice relevant to today’s teens – encouraging them to live “above the influence” of drugs and alcohol and reject the use of any substance that gets in the way of their goals in life.

The Above the Influence Campaign has been transitioned to The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. The Partnership has been a close collaborator of the campaign since its launch in 2005 and will serve as steward of the ATI brand, managing all of its national and local aspects. Information on local support can be found at www.atipartnerships.com

Additional evidence for the effectiveness of the "Above the Influence" national campaign recently appeared in two peer-reviewed journals, Prevention Science and the American Journal of Public Health. The analyses showed that youth who reported exposure to the ATI campaign were less likely to begin use of marijuana compared to those not exposed to the ATI campaign – a finding consistent with the Media Campaign's own year-round Youth Ad Tracking Survey results.

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