International Partnerships

While the bulk of our drug-control efforts are domestic, strong partnerships with our international allies abroad are vital to reducing the threats that drug use, production, and trafficking pose to our national security. 

Today, we are in an era of unprecedented cooperation among the United States and partners around the world in combating the threats drugs pose to our citizens. Long gone are the days of “supplier” nations and “consumer” nations casting blame on each other for the consequences of the illicit drug trade. There is now a global recognition that addressing the use, production, and trafficking of drugs is a shared responsibility among all nations.  To build upon this effort, ONDCP is working closely with partner nations and international organizations in a variety of ways to combat the threats drugs pose to democracies and public health around the world. These efforts to stem the flow of drugs entering the United States work in concert with our robust efforts to reduce the demand for drugs at home, which will in turn reduce the revenue transnational criminal organizations have to operate.

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