Peace To Prosperity

Generations of Palestinians have lived without knowing peace, and the West Bank and Gaza have fallen into a protracted crisis.

Yet the Palestinian story will not end here. The Palestinian people continue their historic endeavor to realize their aspirations and build a better future for their children.

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Empowering the Palestinian People

Peace to Prosperity will unlock the vast potential of the Palestinian people by empowering them to pursue their goals and ambitions. This part of the vision will support the Palestinian people through education, workforce development,  and an improved quality of life.

Enhance the Quality of the Education System

Enhancing the Quality of the Education System in the West Bank and Gaza will ensure no Palestinian is disadvantaged by inadequate educational opportunity. This vision supports the development and training of Palestinian educators while expanding access to educational opportunities to underserved communities and demographics. Other projects will help encourage educational reforms and innovation. By providing financial incentives to support the development of improved academic standards and curricula, this plan will help turn the West Bank and Gaza into a center of educational excellence.

Strengthen Workforce Development Programs

Peace to Prosperity will Strengthen Workforce Development Programs, reducing unemployment rates and increasing the occupational mobility of the Palestinian workforce. By supporting apprenticeships, career counseling, and job placement services, this vision will help ensure Palestinian youth are fully prepared to enter the job market and achieve their professional goals. Additional projects will help employed workers receive the training they need to enhance their skills or change careers. Ultimately, this plan will ensure that all Palestinians have access to the tools they need to compete in the global economy and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by this vision.

Transform the Palestinian Healthcare Sector

Peace to Prosperity will provide new resources and incentives to Transform the Palestinian Healthcare Sector and ensure the Palestinian people have access to the care they need within the West Bank and Gaza. This vision will rapidly increase the capacity of Palestinian hospitals by ensuring that they have the supplies, medicines, vaccines, and equipment to provide top-quality care and protect against health emergencies. Other funds will help improve services and standards in Palestinian healthcare facilities. Through targeted investments in new facilities, educational opportunities for medical staff and aspiring healthcare professionals, and public awareness campaigns to improve preventative care, the plan will significantly improve health outcomes throughout the West Bank and Gaza.

Improve the Quality of Life

Peace to Prosperity will support projects that Improve the Quality of Life for the Palestinian people. From investments in new cultural institutions to financial support for Palestinian artists and musicians, the plan will help the next generation of Palestinians explore their creativity and hone their talents. It will also support improved municipal services and the development of new public spaces across the West Bank and Gaza. These developments will help turn the West Bank and Gaza into a cultural and recreational center to the benefit of all Palestinians.

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