It's Time to Rebuild America

White House White Board: Vice President Biden on Rebuild America

Our nation's infrastructure has long been our economic backbone — a symbol for our might and dynamism.

But we've been investing in it less and less — and right now, we have some work to do.

Over the years, as our transportation spending has gone down, congestion and maintenance backlogs have gone up.

65% of our roads are rated in less than good condition

25% of our bridges require significant repair or can't handle today's traffic

45% of Americans lack access to transit

And we're falling behind our competitors internationally as a result.

Let's fix it.

The President's plan would rebuild our roads and bridges in a smarter, more responsible way while supporting millions of jobs will mean:

    Providing the certainty that cities, states, and private investors need to break ground on major projects.

    Increasing investments by 38 percent over four years to better meet the needs of a growing population.

    Reforming our programs to make sure we're prioritizing projects not based on politics — but on how much good they'd do.

Want to learn more? The White House released a report detailing the long-term benefits of investing in our transportation now -- and why our current infrastructure sector is more ready than ever for these investments. You can read it here (PDF).


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The average American household is forced to spend more on transportation each year than food. And in some cases, our crumbling infrastructure costs American lives. It should not take another collapsing bridge or failing levee to shock us into action.

— President Obama

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