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Major Savings and Reforms in the President's FY 2009 Budget


To download the Savings and Reform volume click here. (194 pages, 1.1 mb)

“As we work to keep taxes low, we must do more to restrain spending. My Budget proposes to keep non-security discretionary spending growth below 1 percent for 2009 and then hold it at that level for the next 4 years. It also cuts spending on projects that are not achieving results—because good intentions alone do not justify a program that is not working.”

                                        President George W. Bush
                                        The Budget Message of the President
                                        Fiscal Year 2009 Budget

This volume describes and provides funding levels for major discretionary and mandatory savings and reform proposals in the Fiscal Year 2009 Budget. These proposals will result in savings to taxpayers and improved Government services by eliminating or restructuring low-priority programs and programs that are not producing results. The proposals were guided by criteria that considered whether the programs met the Nation's priorities, constituted an appropriate and effective use of taxpayer resources by the Federal Government, and produced the intended results.

In total, the Budget proposes to terminate or reduce 151 discretionary programs, reducing 2009 spending by $18 billion. These include 103 terminations saving $7 billion and 48 reductions saving $11 billion. The Budget also proposes mandatory spending reforms that will achieve an additional $16 billion in net savings in 2009, and result in $208 billion in savings through 2013. Mandatory savings proposals highlighted in this volume total $19 billion in 2009 and $233 billion through 2013, and exclude reforms that are cost-neutral or result in cost increases.

The Budget also includes a number of budget reform proposals which are described in the Analytical Perspectives volume at: