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  • Vice President Biden Speaks To Seniors About Retirement Security

    The Vice President told the audience that when it comes to Social Security and Medicare, “the question is what are we going to do to strengthen and sustain these programs now and for the future”

  • Investing in the Potential of the Next Generation

    Vice President Joe Biden speaks to graduating seniors, parents, and teachers at Maury High School in Norfolk, Virginia about the importance of a college education, and the work the Administration is doing to to make it affordable at a time when more and more families are facing difficult choices about how or even if they can finance a college education for their children.

  • Talking American Manufacturing at Iowa State University

    The Vice President talked about the reasons that manufacturing matters—not just to people who might one day work in manufacturing like the engineering students in the audience, but to the entire U.S. economy and to the American middle class

  • Vice President Highlights New College Affordability Proposals at Florida State

    The Vice President visits Florida State University to talk with students about the Administration's comprehensive plan to address rising college costs.

  • Higher Education and the Middle Class Bargain

    Vice President Joe Biden this week called for the “bargain with the middle class” to be restored: “There was a bargain in place for last 50 years that if you worked hard, you played by the rules, you helped increase productivity in America, you got a piece of the action. You benefited.”

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