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Remarks by President Trump and President Peña Nieto of Mexico Before Bilateral Meeting

Hamburg Messe
Hamburg, Germany

2:50 P.M. CET

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  It's great to be with my friend, the President of Mexico.  And we're negotiating NAFTA and some other things with Mexico, and we'll see how it all turns out.  But I think we've made very good progress. 

So, it's great to be with you.  Thank you.

PRESIDENT PEÑA NIETO:  (As interpreted.)  Thank you very much.  I want to thank you for opening this space that I have with President Donald Trump.  I have truly (inaudible) help us continue a very flowing dialogue that will allow us, of course, for the negotiation of NAFTA; to continue working in terms of cooperation, especially for security, for the security of both nations, especially in our borders; and, of course, also working on migration issues, which is a task that both of our nations are occupied, and our administrations are occupied with this issue as well.  And, of course, something that both of our administrations have taken upon ourselves to really admit, that is in a co-responsible manner to (inaudible) organized crime issues.
Thank you so much for this space of opportunity.  
2:52 P.M. CET