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Bills Signed into Law, 6-30-09


Office of the Press Secretary
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                 June 30, 2009

Today, the President signed into law:
H.R. 813, which designates a Federal building and United States courthouse as the J. Herbert W. Small Federal Building and United States Courthouse;
H.R. 837, which designates a Federal building as the Ronald H. Brown United States Mission to the United Nations Building;
H.R. 2344, which authorizes webcasters for 30 days after enactment to negotiate royalty rates with copyright holders that differ from the rates set by the Library of Congress Copyright Royalty Board;
S. 407, which provides for a cost-of-living adjustment for the beneficiaries of veterans’ disability compensation and dependency and indemnity compensation equal to the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment; and
S.615, which provides additional personnel authorities for the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.