New Career Opportunities Await in Post-Virus Economy

“I am living proof that the path to a given career is not always direct . . . I also had a lot of help along the way, which is why I am so excited about the ‘Find Something New’ workforce readiness campaign,” Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette writes in The Cincinnati Enquirer.

“Supporting and empowering the American worker is a major focus for President Trump . . . This workforce readiness campaign builds on that strong record of support, ensuring workers recover from these unprecedented changes in the job market.”

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“The Trump administration is including a new letter from President Trump in its upcoming ‘Farmers to Families Food Boxes’ delivery program with information on the latest government coronavirus guidelines . . . [The letter will] help ensure information on COVID-19 best practices will be received by millions of people in the most vulnerable communities,” John Roberts and Alex Pappas report for Fox News.

“President Trump has demonstrated to Russia that he means what he says about putting ‘America First.’ If recently reported allegations of Russian malign activity toward Americans in Afghanistan prove true, Russia knows from experience that it will pay a price—even if that price never becomes public,” National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien writes in The Washington Post.

“The media’s commitment to tempering their descriptions of violent riots sweeping the nation as ‘mostly peaceful’ is relentless–that particular phrase has become a media cliché practically overnight,” Mark Hemmingway writes in RealClearPolitics.