The President's Trip to China

When I accepted the President’s gracious offer to serve as his Ambassador in China earlier this year, I knew that the job would be challenging, exciting and rewarding.  As Air Force One heads to Shanghai, I am preparing to greet a President who has won the respect and confidence of China’s leaders through his thoughtful remarks, his gracious demeanor and his efforts to seek a relationship that allows us to define ourselves by our common interests and not by our differences. 

The President understands that critical problems require the U.S. and China to cooperate.  He has a sobering list of strategic objectives for this visit: in addition to the vital task of communicating the desire of the American people to be friends and partners of the Chinese, he will discuss with China's leaders  cooperation on such global priorities as the economic recovery, climate change and international security issues in Iran and North Korea as well as make clear our core values.

And since it's his first trip to China, he looks forward to seeing for himself the culture and traditions that have made China a great nation.  This trip will advance America's interests in Asia and the rest of the world and I believe our Chinese friends will view it that way as well.

Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. is the United States' Ambassador to China