Next Steps on Ideas for Modernizing Government

Last week the President held a forum on modernizing government here at the White House.  Chief Performance Officer Jeffrey Zients writes a follow-up post at the OSTP blog:

President Obama hosted a Forum on Modernizing Government at the White House last week. More than 50 private-sector leaders shared business best practices and other ideas for leveraging technology to streamline federal operations, improve customer service, and save money.

Two breakout sessions – one led by the Deputy Secretary of Education, Tony Miller and one led by the Deputy Secretary of Interior, David Hayes, discussed ideas for measuring customer satisfaction and improving the ways in which the government can deliver services to the American people.

Another two breakout sessions – one led by the Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Scott Gould and one led by the Deputy Secretary of Defense, Bill Lynn, discussed ideas for managing long-term business transformation and IT projects.

And another breakout session, led by the Deputy Secretary of State, Jack Lew, discussed ideas for prioritizing technology investments and managing the overall technology budget to deliver results.

The best practices discussed in these sessions are included below. We invite you to reflect on these ideas and respond to the OSTP blog with specific examples from the private sector in which these concepts have worked well. What tactics would you use to implement some of these ideas within the federal government? How else have you seen technology used to streamline operations and better meet customer needs?

Head over to his post to get in on the discussion.

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