What Reform Would Mean for Laura Klitzka

In his remarks yesterday the President brought the focus squarely back to what reform means for Americans and their families:

This is about what reform would mean for all those men and women I’ve met over the last few years who’ve been brave enough to share their stories.  When we started our push for reform last year, I talked to a young mother in Wisconsin named Laura Klitzka.  She has two young children.  She thought she had beaten her breast cancer but then later discovered it had spread to her bones.  She and her husband were working and had insurance, but their medical bills still landed them in debt.  And now she spends time worrying about that debt when all she wants to do is spend time with her children and focus on getting well. 

This should not happen in the United States of America.  And it doesn’t have to.

Back in September we had the opportunity to speak to Laura at her home in Green Bay -- here's the rest of her story in her own words:

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