That Syncing Feeling

Just a quick update. The White House now offers, count'm, seven podcast feeds. We've just added a feed for First Lady Michelle Obama and Music & the Arts, an exclusive collection of performances at the White House.

If you weren't aware that we even offered podcasts, now you know. So if searching and downloading video and audio every day sounds like too much work, simply subscribe to a feed and sync up your iPod, Zune, or Acme media player. You can have Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' daily press briefings delivered to you automagically or keep up with the President's agenda with his weekly addresses released every Saturday.

Here's the complete list of our podcasts, most of which are available as either video or audio streams:

  • Your Weekly Address - Stay in tune with the President's agenda with his weekly addresses released at the end of every week.
  • Press Briefings - This feed will include occasional briefings by the President and other administration officials.
  • Speeches & Events - Keep up with all of President Obama's remarks, town halls, and press conferences in this comprehensive podcast.
  • Features - Learn more about the ins and outs of the White House with this select mix of feature videos.
  • Open for Questions - Open for Questions is a series of live chats with White House officials and the general public covering a wide scope of topics.
  • The First Lady - Keep up with First Lady Michelle Obama’s activities and initiatives.
  • Music & the Arts - Remarkable performances by great talent are a long-standing tradition at the White House.


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