“Ask the President’s Science Advisor”

Dr. Holdren Couch

Science and technology today permeate all facets of our lives and have a great bearing on our Nation’s interests across a wide range of issues. It is the job of the President’s Science Advisor, OSTP Director John Holdren, to know a lot about all those issues—and to be able to become an expert fast on subjects outside his expertise. It’s also his job to share as many of those insights as possible, not just with President Obama but with all Americans. In fact, Dr. Holdren is a big advocate of educating the public around issues of science and technology and the policy issues that relate to these topics. That’s why we decided it would be valuable to incorporate a new feature on OSTP’s web presence—one that requires your participation.

Would you like to know more about science and technology issues facing the Nation and the man advising the President on these matters? We’re not just talking about things you could learn in a textbook. This is about making science personal. Do you want Dr. Holdren’s opinion on, say, technological aspects of pop culture or the relevance of sci-fi? Is there a random query lumbering around in your head, the answer to which you absolutely must have directly from the President’s Science Advisor? Well, wait no longer, because this week OSTP is unveiling “Ask the President’s Science Advisor.”

To ask a burning question of Dr. Holdren, send an e-mail to AskDrH@ostp.gov or tweet your short question to @whitehouseostp with hashtag #AskDrH. Dr. Holdren will select a query and answer it via a short blog post to appear on select Fridays, starting May 14.

So now is your chance to ask America’s scientist-in-chief for his personal take on anything with an arguably scientific or technological bent.  Like, what subjects in school left him cold? How about whether he prefers academia or government, or which installment of Star Wars or episode of Star Trek says the most about modern scientific society. We want you to have fun with this and, frankly, ask some of the tough questions about Dr. Holdren that the staff here at OSTP would like to know the answers to but, well, hasn't quite gotten around to asking. For basic info on the man, take a look at Dr. Holdren’s bio.

Thank you in advance for your participation. Dr. Holdren is looking forward to answering your fun and thought-provoking questions!

Phil Larson is a Research Assistant in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

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