Climate Adaptation Summit This Week

Last spring, OSTP Director John P. Holdren called upon the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research to work with OSTP to host a summit to improve planning and communications among the range entities currently laying plans to adapt to climate change. That Summit will take place this week—May 25 to 27—and will bring together about 150 invited users and providers of climate adaptation information from diverse climatological regions and economic sectors to provide insight into:

  • what is needed for effective climate adaptation and vulnerability assessments,
  • how the nation should be organized in the public (federal and local) and private sectors.

The summit is not intended to debate what climate change will and won’t look like. Rather, using the best available information about projected climate change and impacts, the meeting participants will be asked to examine needs, knowledge, and appropriate roles to help this national planning effort in the near-term and long-term. The insights from this meeting will be incorporated into Federal climate adaptation programs and research planning. For more information, see the Media Advisory.

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