The First Lady's Trip to Africa

The First Lady's Trip: Service Projects in South Africa & Botswana

The First Lady just returned from her week-long trip to Africa where she focused on youth leadership, education, health, and wellness. We are so excited to show you two more videos from her trip. The first, from Nanga Vhuthilo Community Center, in Soweto, South Africa where the First Lady joined with participants from the Young African Women Leaders Forum for a service project. The second from Baylor Center in Botswana to participate in a service project at the local teen center dedicated to combating HIV/AIDS in the community.

On Board: First Lady Michelle Obama Visits Nanga Vhuthilo Community Center

Download Video: mp4 (79.9MB)

On Board: First Lady Michelle Obama Visits Baylor Center

Download Video: mp4 (62.9MB)

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