Voice of an Innovator: We're Hiring!

Editor's Note: This post introduces readers to Tom L. Pierson, Founder of TAS Energy Inc., a renewable energy and energy efficiency technology manufacturing plant based in Houston, Texas.

TAS Energy 1

Senior TAS Energy Executive and White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Nancy Sutley discuss the company's clean energy solutions. (Photo courtesy of TAS Energy)

A few weeks ago we were very pleased to welcome CEQ Chair Nancy Sutley and our Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson Lee, to TAS Energy to discuss and showcase how U.S. entrepreneurs are creating innovative ways to improve our energy infrastructure— directly resulting in significant domestic job growth. In fact, at TAS Energy we have almost 50 job openings!

We focused our discussion on American job creation opportunities from the modular, or exportable, approach to capitalize on the 'low hanging fruit' of economic clean energy—including emission free baseload power from industrial waste heat, modular cooling for building air conditioning and data centers (that is twice the efficiency of traditional systems), and a cooling technology for gas power plants to dramatically and cost effectively increase capacity.

These examples of the 'low hanging fruit' of economic clean energy have a unique advantage in leading the world in clean energy and American job creation, for both manufacturing and aftermarket services. The modular approach to manufacturing these energy systems for global export will result in a revolutionized clean energy economy for domestic job growth, significant energy conservation and an abundance of clean generation.

Our Country's leadership under President Obama is right on the mark when they say that American innovation is one of the keys to our economic recovery and future success. The TAS team and its many suppliers appreciated the opportunity to demonstrate for Chair Sutley and Congresswoman Jackson Lee how American innovation is creating jobs TODAY with tremendous opportunity for future American job growth with smart policy adoption. We look forward to helping the American economy grow through American job creation in the clean energy field.

TAS Energy 2

Chair Sutley delivers remarks at TAS Energy's headquarters in Houston, Texas. (Photo courtesy of TAS Energy)

Tom L. Pierson is Founder of TAS Energy Inc.

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