President Obama Meets with Cabinet to Discuss Job Creation

President Barack Obama meets with the Cabinet

President Barack Obama meets with the Cabinet in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Oct. 3, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

President Obama today met with his Cabinet to talk about the most pressing issue facing the country right now: Putting America back to work. The President is waiting for Congress to take action on the American Jobs Act, which he introduced at a Joint Session in early September. But in the meantime, the President is committed to having the entire administration and all agencies to do everything possible that does not require Congress’s help, as he said before the meeting today:

Each of the Secretaries and heads of agencies have been assigned to look at what we can do administratively to accelerate job growth over the next several months.  And working with the Jobs Council that we’ve set up, working with the private sector, we have been looking for a wide range of ideas of administrative action we can take. A good example would be, for example, accelerating the payments to small businesses so that they’ve got better cash flow; trying to figure out ways that we can be working in the housing market without congressional action to provide some relief for homeowners. 

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