Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships

FWD the Facts – Crisis in the Horn of Africa

This Wednesday was a powerful day in which voices across the country spoke out and on behalf of the 13.3 million people in crisis because of the Famine, War, and Drought in the Horn of Africa.  We saw videos from celebrities like Uma Thurman, Josh Hartnett, Geena Davis, Lance Armstrong, and Anthony Bourdain. We also saw videos from our very own friends and colleagues, all speaking with passion and conviction about what we can do to help.

Check out Michael’s video below with details about how you can get involved. Michael serves as Executive Assistant to the Executive Director in The White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Moved by what you heard? Make your own!  Please email with any questions you have about ways you can help FWD the Facts.

Zeenat Rahman is Acting Director of Center for Faith-based and Community Initiatives at the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Video – Courtesy of USAID.

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