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WWTDG: Xian Horn and Beauty Positivity

Xia Horn - Youth Engagement

This week’s Women Working to Do Good profile spotlights a young woman who is making a difference in the lives of those living with disabilities.

Xian Horn grew up battling cerebral palsy. Her disability never discouraged her from doing the work she was called to do and from seeing her true worth as approaches each day with a contagious happiness. After she was given the opportunity to share her story of overcoming her insecurities in a theater class, Xian discovered that by approaching her worth and beauty as a holistic concept rather than simply an external feature, she could help individuals with disabilities cultivate their own purpose.

Using her own story to inspire others, Xian is challenging traditional ideas of what beauty is. “One of the most important things we can do is throw out the idea of perfection and usher in authenticity,” she told me. “I’ve learned that what I can do is tell my story, and hope that that inspires someone else to tell their story or to recognize the beauty that’s in them. Because I think that’s the power of telling our stories…”

It is your stories that have encouraged the President to continue advocating for the 50 million Americans with disabilities. Thank you Xian for all you do to encourage our youth. Your story has inspired us all.

Ronnie Cho is Associate Director of the Office of Public Engagement

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