President Obama Nominates Three for the National Labor Relations Board

President Obama’s top priority is creating jobs and growing our economy. A critical part of that effort is ensuring that hardworking men and women can share in our nation’s growth and prosperity. That means decent wages, opportunities for advancement, and safe working conditions. And the National Labor Relations Board is there to address those concerns. The NLRB focuses on unfair labor practices and defends the right of employees to join a union and bargain collectively with their employers. These protections are fundamental to an open, fair, and prosperous economy.

Yesterday, President Obama nominated three extremely qualified members to the National Labor Relations Board, and called on the Senate to move swiftly to confirm all five of his nominees – both Republicans and Democrats – so that the NLRB can continue to perform its important functions on behalf of American workers and businesses. 

President Obama has put forward a qualified and bipartisan group of nominees – with support from both sides of the aisle – so Congress should move quickly to confirm them.  Everyone – from working people to business owners – benefits when the NLRB can fully function. There’s no excuse for delay.  The confirmation of all five nominees would provide the board with stability and capacity to benefit so many of our workers and businesses today. 


Valerie B. Jarrett is a Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama
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