Watch from Anywhere: The White House Summit on Working Families

Today is the White House Summit on Working Families -- bringing together businesses, economists, labor leaders, policymakers, advocates, and citizens for a national conversation about how we can create workplace policies that give modern American families the best chance to succeed at work and at home.

Americans across the country are tuning in and adding their voices from their desks, living rooms, and dining room tables.

Don't miss a thing -- here are all the ways you can participate in the Summit, no matter where you are:

  • Follow along online at There, you'll find a full schedule of speakers, and panels -- as well as a livestream of all of the main remarks and plenary sessions. In between, HuffPost Live will host and moderate digital breakout sessions featuring Summit particpants and Americans from around the country, via Google+ Hangout.
  • Add your voice to the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #FamiliesSucceed. We'll be tweeting remarks and helpful facts and graphics from White House accounts all day. Follow the conversation, and add your voice.
  • Join Facebook Q&A Sessions, live from the Summit. Summit participants are sitting down for Facebook Q&A’s all day to discuss key issues and answer your questions. Check out the full schedule here and be sure to follow along on
  • Share how 21st-century workplace policies would help your working family succeed. Visit to share what your working family looks like, and how you'll be uniquely helped by 21st-century workplace policies. There will also be a story-sharing wall at the Summit, where attendees can fill out cards with this information and post their own story in a central location.
  • Read the President's op-ed on the Huffington Post. The President's op-ed, which discusses the need for family-friendly policies in our workplaces, is part of a series of essays about the issues facing working families, leading up to today's White House Summit on Working Families. Take a look, and then read them all here.
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