Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, about 10 million Americans have gained health coverage.

Saving $2,300 a year on her premium alone. Deductible dropping from $7,500 to $3,000 a year. Signed up at

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  • Weekly Address: Make 2015 the Year for Quality, Affordable Health Insurance

    Vice President Joe Biden Delivers the Weekly Address

    In this week’s address, the Vice President wished Americans a Happy New Year, and asked that as we make resolutions to get healthier in 2015, we take the time to sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Millions of people have already signed up for quality, affordable health care under the law, and there is still time to secure the peace of mind that comes with getting covered.

    From now until February 15th, you can sign up by logging on to, by speaking to someone on the phone through the 24/7 call center at 1-800-318-2596 -- where you can get assistance in 150 languages, or by  going in person to an enrollment event in your community.

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  • Getting Higher Quality at Lower Costs: The Biggest Health Story You May Have Missed This Year

    While 2014 is ending with evidence of the dramatic gains in health coverage, a more subtle revolution is occurring in how health care is delivered. Using new authorities created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), in partnership with health care providers, payers, and patients, we have made significant advances in getting better care at lower costs by changing the incentives for the way care is given and putting more information in the hands of health care providers and patients.

    Before the ACA, most of the health care system had incentives to do more -- more tests, more procedures, more visits to the doctor meant more money for hospitals and physicians. Now, through a series of innovative approaches, these incentives are changing and health care providers are being paid based on the quality and efficiency -- not quantity -- of the care they give. This practice, known as “value based purchasing,” and other efforts under the ACA to create systems where doctors help coordinate care for patients to avoid hospital readmissions and get patients the care they need on sooner. These systems also are putting in place safeguards to avoid simple mistakes that that have caused many Americans to pick up infections or to suffer other medical complications when they went into a hospital for care in the past.

  • The Faces of Health Care: Tricia T.

    "My new health insurance will allow me to get the medical help that I need to get stronger."

    Tricia T. wrote the President to share the impact that the Affordable Care Act has made on her life.

  • The Year in Review: A Look Back at the Most Memorable Moments of 2014

    2014 Year in Review thumbnail

    A responsible end to the war in Afghanistan. A historic agreement to combat climate change. A strong pace of job growth that we haven't seen since the 1990s. 

    Overall, 2014 has offered some great achievements for President Obama and the American people. Join the President's Chief of Staff Denis McDonough in taking a look back at this year's most memorable moments -- then share the memories with your friends and family. 

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  • The Faces of Health Care: Susan T.

    "I cried the day I was finally able to sign up for coverage. I felt like a fifty-pound weight was lifted from my shoulders."

  • Open Enrollment Week 5: December 13 – December 19, 2014

    Ed. note: The following is an excerpt from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' blog post on the latest Affordable Care Act enrollment numbers. Read the full post here.

    From November 15 to December 19, nearly 6.4 million consumers selected a plan in the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) or were automatically re-enrolled, with approximately 30 percent of this total comprised of people newly signing up for Marketplace coverage.

    High consumer demand as we neared the December 15 deadline and the automatic enrollment process that began on December 16 contributed to the overall total.

    “We still have a lot of work to do before the February 15 enrollment deadline, but this is an encouraging start. People shopped for coverage and signed up – finding more choices and greater competition,” HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell said.

    “Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, so far nearly 6.4 million consumers, including about 1.9 million new consumers, have access to quality, affordable health coverage for 2015 through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace. This law is working, and families are better off as a result.”

    Read the full blog post here.