• The GAVI Pledge: An Investment in Future Generations

    The United States is committing $1 billion over four years to GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance. Created in 2000, GAVI has brought together public- and private-sector partners to immunize 500 million children, saving an estimated 7 million lives in the world’s poorest countries

  • An Improbable Public Interest Start Up

    A year ago, I returned to California after working on the rescue team to fix I slept for a couple of weeks, and I began the task of processing what I had seen and done. I knew that was the most important work I had been a part of. I saw that technology in parts of the government was in bad shape.

  • U.S.-U.K. Digital Government Partnership

    Today, we are building on a long history of innovation and collaboration on digital technologies with the United Kingdom. The President and Prime Minister Cameron just announced a commitment to strengthen and expand the ongoing digital partnership between our two countries.

  • Taking Category Management Government-Wide

    In December, the Strategic Sourcing Leadership Council (SSLC), comprised of the seven largest and highest-spending agencies, took a major step forward in transforming the federal acquisition landscape.

  • “Dynamic Scoring” is Not the Answer

    The House will vote today on a resolution requiring the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) to adopt a practice known as “dynamic scoring,” which would change how the Congress calculates the expected cost of a piece of legislation. Current rules require calculating a policy’s direct cost to the government, which includes looking at how affected individuals and firms would react to the policy.

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