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  • #SOTU: State and Local Officials Share Reactions to State of the Union on Twitter

    During the President’s State of the Union Address, thousands of Americans shared their live reactions on Twitter with #SOTU. Below are some of the tweets from state and local elected officials sharing their thoughts during the address.

    New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman
    @AGSchneiderman: Would like to thank @whitehouse@TheJusticeDeptfor creating a joint investigation to bring justice for victims of the mortgage crisis #SOTU

    Illinois Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon
    @LtGovSimon: At a time when we need inspiration, President Obama supplied it. I'm ready to get to work and grow a state and nation that's #builttolast.

    Colorado State Representative Mark Ferrandino
    @MarkFerrandino: Great speech Pres @BarackObama, lays out a great vision for moving country forward. He is right, working together we can accomplish anything

  • America’s Governors: President Obama Offers a Clear Path Forward

    After President Obama’s State of the Union address, governors from across the country voiced their support for the President’s vision of an America built to last.

    Governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper

    “The President tonight hit a tone about working together that is familiar to Coloradans. People here know that partisanship is a significant roadblock to partnership. We must use collaboration as a means to finding solutions to keep pushing our state and our country closer to full economic recovery. We join the President in the pursuit of unnecessary regulations that handcuff aspiring entrepreneurs, and we applaud his support of great teachers and our nation’s military. We were also encouraged to hear the President talk so much about clean energy, as Colorado is leading the nation when it comes to renewable energy research and development. Many of the new jobs the President talked for this industry will be created in Colorado – and we are ready.”

    Governor of Connecticut, Dannel Malloy

    “The President is right, now is the time to rebuild our nation’s aging infrastructure.  Now is the time to restore the United States as the best nation in the world for advanced and precision manufacturing.  Now is the time to once again make our education system the envy of the world through long overdue reforms.  Now is the time to restore our bargain with our citizens, that if you work hard and play by the rules, you can make it in America.  This President has challenged Washington to get it done.  We can’t wait.  We shouldn’t have to wait.  The time is now.”

  • America’s Mayors: President Obama Understands the Needs of the American People

    Following the President’s State of the Union address, mayors across the country spoke out about the vision the President laid out for an America built to last.

    U.S. Conference of Mayors President and Los Angeles, California Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

    “In his address tonight, President Obama showed the country that he will keep fighting for the investments we need to turn our economy around. At its heart, the speech was about renewing the basic bargain with the American middle class, especially those looking for work or struggling to pay their mortgage. Now it’s Congress’ turn. Congress needs to do its job.”

    San Francisco, California Mayor Ed Lee

    “In tonight’s State of the Union Address, President Obama underscored his commitment to strengthening the American economy by creating good jobs and opportunity for every family. Here in San Francisco, job creation remains my highest priority. We’re making progress getting people back to work in our small businesses and in construction jobs through millions of dollars in investment in our own San Francisco infrastructure.”

    Denver, Colorado Mayor Michael Hancock

    “What President Obama presented to the American people tonight was a blueprint for moving our country forward at this critical moment. By focusing on innovation, on common-sense solutions and on the things that matter most – job creation, workforce development and housing – we can set the course of our nation right once more.”

  • County Association Executives Engage with Administration Officials

    On Thursday, over 80 officials and state executive directors representing 38 states from the National Council of County Association Executives (NCCAE) joined us at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building for a day of dialogue and discussion with several Senior Administration Officials on topics relevant to county governments.

    Larry Dix, the President of NCCAE, thanked the White House for convening the discussion and hosting the group.

    Polly Trottenberg Speaks to County Executive Directors

    Acting Under Secretary for Transportation Policy Polly Trottenberg speaks to County Executive Directors at the White House on January 12, 2012 (White House Photo). January 12, 2012. (by White House)

    Mark O’Connell, the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Association of Counties, introduced the day’s first speaker, Acting Under Secretary for Transportation Policy Polly Trottenberg, who talked about the importance of investing in infrastructure and many of the Transportation programs that counties across America have participated in, including the TIGER Grant Program and TIFIA loans.

  • State and Local Officials Praise Appointment of Muñoz as Domestic Policy Director

    On Tuesday, President Obama announced that he will appoint current Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Cecilia Muñoz as the new Director of the Domestic Policy Council. Several of the state and local officials and associations who have worked with Muñoz in her current role spoke out to applaud the decision.

    Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley:

    “I commend President Obama on appointing Cecilia Muñoz as Director of the Domestic Policy Council.  In her role as Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, Cecilia made it a priority to understand the challenges faced by governors and to support initiatives aimed at speeding up America’s jobs recovery.  Her hard work and commitment to working collaboratively with governors has reflected the President’s recognition of the critical role that states play in creating and implementing public policy to create jobs and move our states forward. I look forward to continuing to work with Cecilia in her new role.”

    Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick:

    “Cecilia Muñoz is an excellent choice to lead the Domestic Policy Council. Cecilia understands that policy only matters at the point where it touches people, and her knowledge of our economy, health care, infrastructure and immigration systems will help President Obama continue his strong progress on the domestic front.”

  • State, Local Officials Mark the End of War in Iraq

    On Wednesday, President Obama visited Fort Bragg, North Carolina to commemorate the end of the war in Iraq and thank troops for their service. Several state and local officials who served in the armed forces in Iraq spoke about what the President’s actions to end the war means to them and their fellow veterans.

     Maryland Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown is in the US Army Reserves.

     “Through careful planning, negotiating and timing, the President has fulfilled his commitment to the American people to responsibly end the War in Iraq. The efforts of President Obama and our military and diplomatic leaders have given the Iraqi people the tools they need to assume the responsibilities and the challenges that lie ahead.  Although the war has ended, we must always remember the sacrifice made by so many, especially the 4,500 American service members we lost to this conflict. It is our collective responsibility to honor their memory by ensuring that all those brave men and women who served receive the care and benefits they have so rightly earned.”

     Maine State Representative Alex Cornell du Houx is in the US Navy Reserves.

     “I am incredibly thankful that President Obama has stayed true on his promise to get our troops out of Iraq.  The President has shown that he is committed to securing Iraq’s freedom and independence, and the Iraqis have shown that they are willing and able now to lead this fight on their own.  As a Marine serving in Fallujah, I had the opportunity to experience what happened in Iraq. I am thankful that we have done what we came to do, and am grateful to bring our troops home. The day I came home was one of the happiest, not only of my life, but of my friends’ and family as well. The men and women of our military have, with skill and bravery, brought Iraq back from the brink. Today, they can all be proud of what they’ve accomplished and overjoyed to be coming home. Thousands of brave men and women (4,500) have lost their lives in service to their country over the last 9 years in Iraq. This is an end worthy of their sacrifice.”