Wall Street Reform & the African American Community

[UPDATE: This event has now concluded, watch the full video below.]

For those who have watched our animated video explainer on Wall Street Reform, there’s probably no question that there are benefits in there for every American as a taxpayer, a citizen, and a consumer.

That's true when it comes to the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau passed as part of the bill as well, but there are communities for which that will have a particularly big impact. Throughout the debate in Congress, for example, we discussed how military families and our troops were often targets for shady lending practices and would get new protections under reform.

Today we’re going to take 45 minutes to focus on how Wall Street Reform will affect the African American community, which has long seen more than its share of the kinds of practices the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will put to an end.

Ceci Rouse, who sits on the Council of Economic Advisors, will take questions from representatives Black Enterprise, theGrio, and Jack & Jill Politics – all of whom have been collecting questions from their readers – at 1:00 EDT this afternoon. And, as usual, we’ll be tossing a few live questions into the mix.

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