June 1: Official Start of the Hurricane Season

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It’s June 1, which means it is the official start of Hurricane season. With hurricane season officially here, we wanted to share a video from Administrator Fugate:

Watch FEMA Administrator Fugate's full remarks here.

You can do your part by making sure you and your loved ones are prepared by having an emergency plan and kit. Talk with your friends and neighbors and encourage them to do the same. And you can also take steps to get prepared for a hurricane at your workplace, so talk with your human resources manager about steps you can take.

Last week was Hurricane Awareness Week and we wrote a series of blog posts to illustrate the importance of being informed about the many hazards of severe tropical weather. Here there are again if you didn’t have a chance to read them:

Visit www.ready.gov/hurricanes to get prepared and embed our widget on your website to help us get the word out:

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