Vice President Biden: There’s a Moral Price to Be Paid for Inaction on Gun Violence

Vice President Joe Biden delivers remarks during a gun violence conference

Vice President Joe Biden delivers remarks during a gun violence conference hosted by the Connecticut Congressional delegation, at Western Connecticut State University, in Danbury, CT, Feb., 21, 2013. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

Yesterday, Vice President Biden spoke at a conference on gun violence at Western Connecticut State University. He told the crowd that while there’s no one thing that can be done to prevent gun violence, there are many steps we can – and must -- take as a nation to better protect our children and communities, regardless of the politics involved.

“People write about the political risks and why they're unacceptable to take on," he said. “I say it’s unacceptable not to take these on.” 

“There’s a moral price to be paid for inaction,” he said.

The Vice President explained for him and the President, taking action to reduce gun violence “is a simple proposition tragically highlighted by what happened in Newtown.”

We can't remain silent. We have to speak for all those voices. We have to speak for those 20 beautiful children who died 69 days ago, 12 miles from here. They can't speak for themselves. We have to speak for the voice of those six adults who died trying to save the children in their care that day who can't speak for themselves. You have to speak for the 1,900 people who have died at the other end of a gun just since Sandy Hook in this country -- 1,900 just since that day.