• Senate Republican Bill Would Undermine Critical Financial Reforms and Consumer Protections

    Wall Street Reform built a stronger and more stable foundation for economic growth and made our financial system safer and more resilient by curbing excessive risk-taking, closing regulatory gaps, and putting in place the strongest consumer financial protections in history. However, its full benefit to our Nation's citizens and the economy cannot be realized unless the entities charged with establishing and enforcing the rules of the road have the resources and independence to do so. That’s why the President has been clear that we have to fund Wall Street’s regulators at levels that allow them to do their important work, and he’s repeatedly proposed funding levels in each year’s Budget that would be sufficient to implement Wall Street Reform. And that is also why he has repeatedly fought to keep our regulators free from the political whims of Congress.

  • Social Security Disability Insurance: A Lifeline for Millions of American Workers and Their Families

    The White House releases a report explaining how Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program works, who it helps, and its importance for millions of American working families.

  • Bringing Our Immigration System into the Digital Age

    Federal agencies are undertaking new actions to improve the visa experience for families, workers, employers, and people in need of humanitarian relief.

  • Mid-Session Review 2016

    Today, the Office of Management and Budget released the 2016 Mid-Session Review (MSR), which updates the Administration’s estimates for outlays, receipts, and the deficit in light of economic, legislative, and other developments that occurred since the release of the President’s 2016 Budget in February.

  • State-by-State: Land Acquisition, Construction, and Repair and Rehabilitation Projects That Would be Prevented or Delayed by Congressional Republicans

    This week, the House of Representatives will vote on a bill that fails to provide for the responsible protection and management of our Nation's natural heritage and resources or fully honor our obligations and commitments to tribal nations. Instead, the House Republican bill includes shortsighted funding cuts that would undermine fiscal responsibility, national conservation, environmental priorities, and our economic competitiveness. Specifically, the House Republican bill blocks investments that rein in future costs to taxpayers by facilitating increased energy development; maintaining facilities and infrastructure; and bolstering preparedness and resilience against the effects a changing climate. The bill reduces support for partnerships with States, local governments, and private entities on efforts to restore and conserve natural resources. And the bill makes it harder for States and businesses to plan and execute changes that will decrease carbon pollution.

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