• Making Federal Investments Climate-Smart

    Climate action makes fiscal and economic sense, and that is why we are taking new steps to code it into the DNA of how we do business at OMB. Each year, OMB issues a revised Circular A-11. For the entire Executive Branch, the Circular provides the latest guidance and technical instruction on how to prepare, submit, and execute the Budget. Agencies are asked to submit budget requests that reflect the priorities of the Administration, including improving the efficiency and effectiveness of government and returning the highest value to the American taxpayer. To that end, for the first time, the Circular includes an explicit requirement for the entire Executive Branch to ensure that funding requests in support of Federal facilities align with the Administration’s climate preparedness and resilience goals.

  • Behind the Buy: Leveraging an Agile and Iterative Approach to Help Save American Lives

    In this Behind the Buy podcast, OFPP Administrator Anne Rung interviews Consumer Financial Protection Bureau contracting officer, Tara Jamison, who has experience in executing agile and iterative strategies supported by the TechFAR Handbook and Digital Services Playbook’s at the Department of Defense and Department of Justice. Jamison explains how, through the procurement of counter-roadside bomb technology, she used rapid development and deployment to help save American lives during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

  • Protecting Public Health and the Environment

    President Obama and his Administration are committed to protecting public health and the environment, while Congress is moving in the other direction.

  • State-By-State: House Republican Budget Bill Would Harm Students, Workers, Health Care, and the Economy

    Congressional Republicans have started to show how they plan to budget at discretionary levels that are the lowest in a decade, adjusted for inflation. House Republicans are proposing to shortchange students, workers, our nation’s health, and the economy by cutting overall funding for the Departments of Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services by roughly $15 billion, or 9 percent, compared to the President’s Budget. See how House Republicans’ short-sighted priorities will affect your State.

  • Priority Goal Update

    Eighteen months ago, the Administration committed to ambitious improvements in Government services and better outcomes for the American public. We established 15 new Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goals and every Federal Agency published a small number of Agency Priority Goals (APG), totaling 91 goals across the Federal Government aimed at improving government performance. As we approach the half-way point in delivery of the CAP Goals, we are seeing real progress and success as agencies work together and break down silos.

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