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  • Volunteers from The Mission Continues Join the First Family for a Thanksgiving Service Project

    Today, continuing Obama family tradition, The First Family, their extended family, and many friends packed and handed out food bags at the Capital Area Food Bank in preparation for Thanksgiving. This year, the family was joined by volunteers from The Mission Continues, who exemplify the continuing service of our Nation’s veterans. The First Family will also be donating two turkeys and canned goods to the Capital Area Food Bank.

    For many of our Nation’s veterans, their desire to lend assistance to others extends well beyond their service in the military. Through The Mission Continues, post-9/11 veterans are awarded community service fellowships that allow them to engage in projects throughout the United States and continue the strong sense of purpose and mission they found in the military. These veterans are using their skills and leadership to take on tough challenges like homelessness, poverty, and educating our youth. Together, they are making a significant impact and building relationships with their local communities. Today, Joining Forces is proud to highlight several veterans from The Mission Continues who participated in the Thanksgiving service project with the First Family.

    Connor Mallon is an excellent example of a veteran who has answered the call of continuing service. Connor served as a squad leader during two deployments to Iraq. After completing his military service, Connor enrolled in college and applied for a Fellowship with The Mission Continues. Connor’s passion for wildlife photography helped him secure a fellowship with the Smithsonian National Zoo as a photographer. During his fellowship, Connor created a professional portfolio of images for the Zoo to use in news releases and digital media.

    Ryaja Johnson Rhone served for seven years in the United States Air Force and deployed to Afghanistan. After learning about The Mission Continues, Ryaja was eager to become a fellow. She earned a fellowship with Dress for Success, a non-profit organization that provides disadvantaged women the support they need to find meaningful employment. As a fellow, Ryaja’s goal is to provide more than 345 women with the services and support to put them on the road to great careers. 

    Vu Nguyen enlisted in the Navy during his senior year of high school and served for four years. Vu was crucial to the operational readiness of the Squadron during their deployment to Bagram Airfield in 2008. After his military service ended, Vu returned to school but had a desire to continue serving, which led him to The Mission Continues. Vu earned a fellowship at the National Veteran’s Center, which provides career-oriented employment and community-based job training to veterans with significant disabilities. He served as a program manager where he utilized the skills he learned in the military to keep the program organized, moving forward, and serving veterans.

    This Thanksgiving, the First Lady is thankful for our veterans who have chosen to continue their service at home as community leaders and volunteers through organizations like The Mission Continues. On behalf of the First Lady, we encourage every American to follow the example of these veteran volunteers and find ways to serve. From volunteering at a local charity, to sending a military service member a holiday card, there are many ways to support our military communities during the holiday season. To learn more about getting involved in your local community, visit   

    Commander Cara LaPointe, US Navy, is a White House Fellow in the Office of the First Lady

  • Operation Warrior Call Encourages Service Members to Reconnect with their Battle Buddies

    Joining Forces is excited to announce that this Sunday, the Feherty’s Troops First Foundation will be hosting Operation Warrior Call to encourage all service members to pick up the phone and reconnect with their fellow “battle buddies.” A conversation with a trusted friend can go a long in supporting the wellness of our military service members and veterans.  

    With deployments, changing of duty stations, and the demands of everyday life, it can be difficult to keep in touch with fellow service members. Having gone through several deployments myself, I know firsthand that maintaining relationships is not an easy task. But checking in on each other from time to time, can go a long way in strengthening the wellness of our military communities. Having endured similar situations, those friends understand the stresses and difficulties that accompany military life better than anyone.

    On behalf of the First Lady and Dr. Biden, I would like to encourage all military service members and veterans to take a moment and reconnect with their “battle buddies.” A simple phone call could make a huge impact in someone’s life. For that reason, Operation Warrior Call is asking service members and veterans to follow three simple steps: make the call, answer the call, and be honest. This Sunday, I’ll be doing just that.

    Col. Rich Morales is the Executive Director of Joining Forces

  • Giving Thanks: Honoring Our Wounded Warriors & Their Families

    Giving Thanks: Honoring Our Wounded Warriors & Their Families

    Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden bow their heads as Chaplain Barry Black gives the benediction during the fifth annual wounded warrior Thanksgiving dinner, at the Naval Observatory Residence, November 21, 2013. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

    Last night, Joe and I had the tremendous honor of hosting our fifth annual early Thanksgiving dinner for 13 Wounded Warriors and their families at our home.

  • The Office of Science and Technology Policy Launches Wireless for Warriors:

    Joining Forces is proud to stand with the Office of Science and Technology Policy in announcing the launch of Wireless for Warriors -- a non-profit formed to connect transitioning service members and veterans with jobs in the wireless telecommunications industry. Our military service members make great sacrifices to protect our freedoms. When their service concludes, we have a duty to make sure each and every one of them have the means to successfully transition to the civilian work force. 

    The wireless industry is one of our nation’s fastest-growing sectors, with more than 3.8 million US jobs and almost $200 billion in revenues. It’s imperative that our transitioning service members have access to the training and certification necessary to land a job in this field.

    "Our returning heroes who wore the uniform are a perfect fit to fulfill the wireless industry's urgent need for a skilled workforce to rapidly, efficiently and safely deploy next-generation wireless facilities,” said Jonathan Adelstein, President of the Wireless Infrastructure Association. “They already have many of the technical skills and also possess the strong work ethic we need." 

    To help accomplish this, Joining Forces is working with industries across the board to offer training, licensing and job placement programs. And earlier this year, First Lady Michelle Obama announced the launch of the IT Training and Certification Partnership, which gives military personnel the opportunity to utilize the IT training and skills they gained in the military to obtain industry-recognized certifications for 12 high-demand technology careers. 

    "Today's employers require a workforce equipped with 21st-century skills and training,” explained Tom Kalil from White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. “Our men and women in the Armed Forces are uniquely positioned with the knowledge and drive to succeed, but may lack certain industry qualifications.”

    The Wireless Industry has continuously stepped up to answer Joining Forces’ call to action to support hiring our nation’s veterans – and we encourage others to join this effort. Collectively, we can help our nation’s service members transition successfully from the military to civilian employment.

    Joining Forces salutes the wireless industry and programs like Wireless for Warriors for helping our veterans secure meaningful employment. The wireless industry will undoubtedly benefit from this commitment to hire our nation’s most skilled and trained citizens.

    Col. Rich Morales is the Executive Director of Joining Forces

  • Disney Hosts the Veterans Institute Workshop to Support Transitioning Service Members And Their Families

    On behalf of the First Lady and Dr. Jill Biden, I want to congratulate Disney for hosting the first-ever Veterans Institute workshop. This day-long event encouraged companies from across the U.S. to hire, train, and support our nation’s military service members and their families as they transition to civilian life. Since launching Joining Forces two and half years ago, companies across the U.S. have answered the call to support our nation’s military communities by hiring more than 380,000 veterans and military spouses – with nearly 100,000 being hired in the past six months.

    Over the next five years, more than a million service members will be hanging up their uniforms, and transitioning out of the military to pursue civilian careers. Ensuring that these men and women have the resources and the employment opportunities to transition successfully is critical. They finished their service to our nation, now they deserve to come home without worrying about the struggles of finding meaningful employment. 

  • Helping Veterans Succeed in the Classroom

    Dr. Biden delivers opening remarks at Google's veterans' higher education event, Washington, D.C., November 13, 2013

    Dr. Biden delivers opening remarks at Google's veterans' higher education event, Washington, D.C., November 13, 2013

    Earlier today, Dr. Jill Biden joined Google for their announcement of a Global Impact Award to the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, Student Veterans of America, the Posse Foundation and Veterans of Foreign Wars to help ensure colleges and universities have the information they need to help veterans succeed in obtaining higher education.
    “I have seen it in my own classroom -- veterans bring the same determination and focus to their studies that they brought to serving our country,” said Dr. Biden, a lifelong educator and military mom.
    Dr. Biden said the efforts were “exactly what the First Lady and I hoped to see when we started our Joining Forces initiative two years ago … individuals, businesses, and nonprofits working with the public sector to step up and do what they do best to help veterans and military families."
    Over the next few years, more than a million service men and women will end their military careers and transition back to civilian life. For many, education will be at the front line of that transition. Ensuring that our returning veterans and military families have access to the programs and resources that will help them successfully navigate their educational paths is critical.
    As Dr. Biden noted, many of the student veterans she has met face unique challenges – they differ from their classmates in terms of age and experience, they often find a more relaxed schedule on campus to be very different from the rigid military schedule they are used to, and are juggling multiple priorities outside of school.
    As part of Joining Forces, Dr. Biden plans to visit programs at colleges and universities around the country who are supporting veterans and military families to learn more about how successful programs can be replicated at other institutions.