The First Family celebrated their second Christmas in the White House.  This year’s theme, “American Treasures” honors the unique heritage of America.  Designed by First Lady Melania Trump, the White House shines with the spirit of patriotism.  This home, held in trust for all Americans, displays the many splendors found across our great Nation.

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On Monday, November 19, President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump participated in the arrival of the White House Christmas tree! Mr. Larry Smith, winner of the National Christmas Tree Contest, presented the prizewinning tree—all the way from Mountain Top Fraser Fir in Newland, North Carolina—to the President and First Lady at the North Portico of the White House.

Mr. Smith has been retailing Christmas trees since 1980, and has competed in the National Christmas Tree Contest four times previously. After providing a tree for the Vice President’s residence in 2001, he delivered a tree to the White House for the first time this year!

The White House Christmas tree, which serves as a centerpiece for Christmas decorations, must stand 18-19 feet tall and reach the ceiling of the Blue Room, where the chandelier is removed each holiday season to accommodate the tree.