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How to Step-Up to Start-Ups

“Tales of Excellence, Achievement and Mentorship” or “TEAM” is a weekly series partnered with where we feature college students and young Americans from diverse backgrounds across the country who are using mentorships to move their career and educational goals forward. You will hear in their own words how mentors have helped them succeed and transform into the leaders of tomorrow.

Through, college students can conveniently find and collaborate with mentors to successfully graduate from college and embark on their desired careers.

As a freshman at Boston College, Jonathan Lacoste is studying Business Finance and International Studies. He first reached out to a mentor to learn more about the business field and the start-up community. His mentor has taken him through the opportunities available in the business community in college and after, and is helping him decide whether he would enjoy working a traditional business path or on a start-up. Watch Jonathan’s story: 

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Ronnie Cho is an Associate Director in the Office of Public Engagement.

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