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  • Preparing Now for Our Climate Future

    In his Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2015 being transmitted to Congress today, President Obama is following on commitments to “up our game” in promoting preparedness for, and resilience against, the impacts of climate change. This includes robust support for State, local, and tribal preparedness efforts, analysis of vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure, creation of incentives to address those vulnerabilities, and development and dissemination of better information and planning tools.

  • New Clean Car and Fuel Standards Build the President's Clean Air Legacy

    Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took action to significantly cut smog, soot and other harmful air pollution from our cars and trucks. The new clean car and fuel standards – which are strongly supported by automakers, public health groups and other stakeholders – require better-performing pollution controls in vehicles, and cleaner gasoline. Cleaner gasoline will reduce pollution from cars and trucks that are currently on the road, and also enable fuel-efficient and low-emissions technologies to work better in new vehicles. That means cleaner air across the country, especially for the more than 50 million people who live, work, or go to school near high-traffic roadways.

  • Cleaner Cars, Cleaner Fuels, and a Cleaner Bill of Health

    EPA’s new "Tier 3" emission standards for cars and gasoline will significantly reduce harmful emissions, prevent thousands of premature deaths and illnesses, and encourage innovation and technological improvements in the cars and trucks we drive.

  • How Solar is Powering our Armed Forces and Economy

    The Davis-Monthan Air Force Base's new solar plant, the largest of its kind on any U.S. Department of Defense installation, showcases President Obama's commitment to addressing climate change.

  • How our Veterans are Securing our Energy Future

    Our returning service men and women have the skills and training our country needs to ensure continued progress toward a clean economy. The Solar Foundation and Operation Free release a report highlighting higher-than-average employment rates for veterans in the solar industry.

  • All-of-the-Above is Making a Difference Across America

    Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz travels across the country to highlight the Administration’s efforts to promote production of domestic energy, create jobs and opportunities for American families, and address the serious issues posed by climate change.

  • West Wing Week 02/21/14 or “Don’t Make Small Plans, Make Big Plans”

    Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that's happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • Kicking Vehicle Efficiency into High Gear

    After years of idling on fuel efficiency, America’s truck fleet is on a straight road to lower emissions, fuel savings for drivers, and leading the world in advanced vehicles.

  • Administration-Wide Response to the Drought

    President Obama headed to California to tour drought-affected areas and talk to those affected by impacts of one of the state’s worst droughts in over 100 years.

  • USDA’s Climate Hubs: Providing Targeted Solutions to Modern Challenges

    America’s farmers, ranchers and forest landowners face a complex and ever-changing threat in the form of a changing and shifting climate.