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  • Recap: A Big Day for Open Data

    Yesterday, President Obama visited Austin, Texas, to kick off his Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity Tour. At Capital Factory, a local start-up incubator, he met with technology entrepreneurs and innovative companies that are helping grow our economy and create jobs by building new products and services. One of those companies, Stormpulse, uses freely available government weather data to help businesses protect themselves.

  • DOE Vehicle Data Challenge Fuels Innovation

    Last week, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced the winners of the Apps for Vehicles Challenge. The competition challenged developers and entrepreneurs to demonstrate how the open data available about most vehicles can be used to improve vehicle safety, fuel efficiency, and comfort. Prizes like the Apps for Vehicles Challenge are now a standard tool for open innovation in every Federal agency’s toolbox.

  • Meet a PIF: Kara DeFrias

    Meet Presidential Innovation Fellow (PIF) Kara DeFrias. Kara is user-experience expert who has worked on production teams for the Oscars, the Super Bowl, and TEDx. She was inspired to delve into public service, in part, by the Dalai Lama. DeFrias' stint as PIF was based at the General Services Administration, where she worked on the myUSA project.

  • Meet a PIF: Henry Wei

    Meet Presidential Innovation Fellow (PIF) Henry Wei. Henry is a self described "geek" and certified medical doctor who is trained in sleep and circadian neuroscience and wields skills in medical informatics. Wei's stint as PIF was based at the Department of Veterans Affairs, where he worked on the Blue Button for America project.

  • Throw Your Hat in the Ring for Round 2 of the Presidential Innovation Fellows Program

    The Presidential Innovation Fellows program recruits top innovators and entrepreneurs from the private sector for 6-12 month “tours of duty” in government to help develop innovative solutions in areas of national significance

  • Open Government Data Spurs Entrepreneurship and Jobs

    Freely available data from the US Government is an important national resource, serving as fuel for entrepreneurship, innovation, scientific discovery, and other public benefits.Our goal, as Presidential Innovation Fellows working with open data, has been to find, unlock, and promote the next wave of government data—the next GPS—that innovators can use to kickstart entrepreneurship, fuel new tools and apps, and create jobs.

  • West Wing Week: 02/01/13 or "The Dude from Stillwater"

  • Introducing

    Thousands of Americans have connected with the Presidential Innovation Fellows to learn and share ideas about their work—and this Administration’s commitment—to unleash data from the vaults of the government as fuel for innovation. Based on that feedback, they created online showcase that tells the story of Open Data.

  • Building Apps and Services for Financial Empowerment

    The Department of the Treasury recently hosted a Finance Data Working Session to brainstorm new uses and applications of government data that would help empower consumers. At the session, which was convened as part of Treasury’s broader Finance Data Initiative, over 50 entrepreneurs discussed dozens of ideas for new features, products, services, and apps that use government data to help American consumers make informed choices.

  • At Datajam, Innovators and Entrepreneurs Unleash Open Data for Global Development

    A December 10 Global Development DataJam at the White House brought together world-class innovators and entrepreneurs together with U.S. government leaders and decision-makers to discuss the impact that open development data has already had on strengthening entrepreneurship in the United States and in developing countries.